Masons & Shriners Exposed as Luciferians

X-Master Mason, Shriner
Shriners Oath is Islamic
Potentate Blasphemy
Drunken Shriners
Masonry Linked to Occult
X-Master Mason, Shriner


Letter From  X-Master Mason & Shriner;

Good evening,  I read your article on MasonBusters and agree...somewhat.  A candidate for the Shrine does NOT take his oath on a Bible, only on the Koran.  In fact the entire Shrine ritual is Islamic and a man cannot be a Christian and a Shriner.  It is impossible as clearly documented in my book The Red Fez Sez.  I was a Master Mason and Shrine inductee.  My free online book: provides a generalized overview of the Masonic Order and my newly revised book The Great Masonic Deception will be available in 3 weeks from my publisher.  The fact remains, based upon my personal story, that a Mason cannot be a Christian.  It is impossible.  The Master Mason (I was one) attains eternal life when he completes his Third Degree and becomes "A Christ" when he completes his Holy Arch Degree.  The Shriner - without any doubt or hesitation - converts to Islam when he takes his Mystic Shrine oath.  Not kidding. 

Please keep up the good work of your ministry.  Men - and their wives - need to understand that a member of the Masonic Order, or worse yet, the Shrine, is destined for eternal judgment for their participation and membership in these religions.  

Blessings to you, Dr. Tom Hudson

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