Masons & Shriners Exposed as Luciferians

Drunken Shriners
Shriners Oath is Islamic
Potentate Blasphemy
Drunken Shriners
Masonry Linked to Occult
X-Master Mason, Shriner

So Where does the Childrens Money Go?

Would you believe; Chartering out Cruise Ships for an all expense paid Cruise for every Potentate and his family to get Drunk and Gamble!


Notice above ^ Potentate Cruise? ^   Compliments of the Childrens Fund.

 More Drunken Shriners & Potentates on their Yearly All expense Paid Vacation Cruise
 Now they don't spend all their money on Drunken Cruises, there is also the many Drunken parties they throw for themselves.  Such as this Sock Hop Drunken Party below.
Notice the Bottle of Wild Turkey Whiskey on the Table? They are Drinking Wild Turkey and Coke, and of course in an authorized Shiners Cup with their Shriner symbol, compliments of the Children's Fund.              Drunken Shriners.

  "Drunkard Shall not inherit the Kingdom of God"   (1st Corinthians 6:9-11)



        Then there is the Drunken Christmas Parties.  

  Now there's a loophole to spend the children's fund!

 Notice even the Glasses they are getting Drunk with were paid for by the Shriners.

  So Much for their good Works: Be not Deceived!

  "Drunkards Shall not inherit the Kingdom of God" (1st Corinthians 6:9-11)



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